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Pillar industries of Zaoqiang county

Updated: 2015-9-8 10:21:37

Machinery and equipment manufacturing
The sector consists of two parts -- conveyor machinery and gas regulator devices. The conveyor machinery is widely used by mines, ports, in metallurgy, and food storage, while the gas regulator business provides large gas pressure regulators and regional pressure regulating cabinets and stations that are in wide use for civil project, and natural gas pipelines. The county has more than 50 manufacturers whose products account for a third of the domestic market. Juxin Group, Yuandong Group, Anxin Co, and Ruixing Co are leaders in these two industries and have played an important role in helping the industry overall.
Glass reinforced plastic
Zaoqiang is China’s first county to introduce glass reinforced plastic (GRP) production technology and it has China’s only GRP industrial production and fiberglass material industrialization facilities. The county has more than 600 GRP manufacturers, including five each with an investment of over 500 million yuan and one with an investment of more than 1-billion yuan. Its fiberglass producers, such as the Hengrun Group, Sanyang Shengye Co, Shengwei Jiye Co, and Hebei Keli Air Conditioning Engineering Co, are leaders in the industry. They have produced more than 4,000 types of fiberglass, such as fiberglass-winding tube tanks, fittings for air conditioning, biogas digesters, paper and textile machinery, entertainment facilities, building materials, arts and crafts, and auto parts. These products are widely used in the fields of aerospace, transportation, urban water supply, energy and building materials. They account for about 60 percent of the total domestic output. The county’s GRP has made its way to more than 10 countries, such as Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and the US. The "Hengrun" brand of fiberglass pipeline was named a Well-known China Brand while the "Jifeng" central air-conditioning has been named a famous provincial brand. The county’s technological contributions to the fiberglass industry grow by 5-percentage points annually and amount to 51.6 percent. The county has a fur-oriented economic circle that involves 500 villages and five neighboring cities and counties with Daying at the center. More than 150,000 people work in fur processing and the county was named a fur science demonstration base and the top destination for fur products and accessories. Zaoqiang has more than 4,000 types of fur products, which account for 60 percent of all at the world’s fur market. They have been exported to more than 50 countries, including Japan and South Korea, and Europe and SE Asia.


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