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Circular chemical engineering

Updated: 2015-9-10 13:45:23

Circular chemical engineering
Wuyi county has a total of 53 chemical engineering enterprises, including15 large-scale ones, and a disinfectant salt chemical industrial chain, and a 60,000-ton cyanuric acid coal industry chain, with the Jiheng Chemical Co as a major player. Products come in several dozen varieties, such as dichlone, trichlorine , bleaching powder, caustic soda, amino acetic acid, cyanuric acid, and nitro compound fertilizer. The “Jiheng” brand is a famous trademark in Hebei province, while the “Hengshui Lake” sulfur compound fertilizer is a national inspection-free product and the trichloro isocyanuric acid a "national key new product", and the dichlone, trichlorine compound tablets, and nitro compound fertilizer all provincial high-tech products.

Fine metal products
In this area, the county has a total of 79 manufacturers, including five large-scale ones, with the Heibei Iron and Steel Group’s Hengshui Sheet Metal Co being a major enterprise. Its products include high-grade tin plate and high-precision cold rolled sheet. Its “Baoyun” cold rolled plate is considered a national name-brand product, and is mainly used for household appliances, autos, and food packaging. Down-stream businesses include can production using the adsorption and iron printing technique.

Wood board processing
The leader in this industry is the Boom Long Wood Industry Co. It covers an area of 800,000 square meters and cost 2.66-billion yuan. Its “Boom Long” products include chipboard and laminated board. The company has 31 smallshops for initial processing, mainly in the towns of Qingliangdian, Wuyi, and Shenpo.

Metal cabinet
The county has a total of 117 metal manufacturers, with three in the circular industrial park and 87 in the town of Qiaotou. The Hebei Hupai Group is a key enterprise, located in the circular industrial park, with eight subsidiaries, such as Jiabao and Landun, and a total of 11,000 employees. Its products come in more than 100 types and include steel safes, fireproof safes, safes for civil use, file cabinets, burglar-proof doors, and cabinets in a special shape. Its annual production capacity is 1.5 million units, or more than 30-percent of the market north of the Yangtze River and 10 percent of the national market. It has also holds more than 70 trademarks and 12 provincial trademarks, such as “Hupai”,”Aodi”, “Landun”, “Jinbao”, and “Dahua”. In 2007, the Hupai safe was recognized as a "Famous Chinese brand", and it is now applying for a "Famous Chinese Trademark".

Hardwood carving
The county has more than 500 hardwood carving companies, mainly in the towns of Wuyi, Qingliangdian, and Hanzhuang. Those companies' products come in more than 100 varieties, including antique Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1368-1911) dynasty furniture reproductions, parterres, dining tables and chairs, and doors and windows. It has a number of brands, such as “Laoyumu”, “Hailong”, “Rongzhu”, and ”Niannianyuan”, with “Rongzhu” being a famous provincial trademark. Key enterprises in the industry include Xingwang Furniture and Yueshun Furniture. More than 20,000 people work in the hardwood carving industry, which has an annual production capacity of about 1 million sets, accounting for a third of the market north of the Yangtze River. It is one of Hengshui’s Top 10 culture industries, with carvings exported to South Korea and Japan.


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