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Pillar industries of the Hengshui Development Zone

Updated: 2015-9-10 13:51:54

Fine metal products
The zone’s energy-saving motors, bridge bearings, and machine industry are at its core and its heavy metal processing and equipment manufacturing are its developmental keys. It has:
1. China’s largest solid-liquid separation equipment manufacturer, the Haijiang Filter Press Group
2. China’s largest wind power tower tube production base, the Qiangsheng Power Equipment Co.
3. One of the province’s Top 100 enterprises and one of China’s Top 500 machinery manufacturers, the Hengshui Electric Motor Co.

Strategic emerging industries
The zone focuses on new energy, biomedical, and the Internet of Things projects to try to build leading, pillar industries in the new industrial park, with the following:
1. Investment in strategic emerging industry projects reaching 12 billion yuan.
2. The China (Hengshui) Yingli Photovoltaic Industrial Park.
3. Large substrate, silicon photovoltaic battery project of the Hebei Hansheng Group.
4. A sensor project of Hebei Hangke Engineering Testing Equipment Co.
5. The medicine industry park of Kuihua (Sunflower) Pharmaceutical Co.

The development zone is home to the Jiheng Circular Economy Industrial Park, one of the first national circular-economy industrial parks, with a focus on coal chemical and salt chemical industries, and the following:
1. The world's largest disinfectant production enterprise, the Jiheng Chemical Co.
2. The world's largest manufacturer of sebacic acid, the Casda Biomaterial Co.
3. Asia’s largest production enterprise of glycine, the Donghua Group.
This sector is a traditional Hengshui industry, with the largest scale, greatest strength and variety, widest market, and the largest number of patented rubber products in the country. The county is a national engineering rubber production and rubber products facility, and the chemical sector is one of Hebei’s Top 10 industries and an industry with good growth potential. The country has the following:
1. Nearly half of China’s Top 10 engineering rubber manufacturers.
2. Patented product and market share equal to 60 percent of the country’s total.
3. Soon to have the only national quality inspection center for engineering rubber.

Modern food
The zone works for a low-carbon life and produces healthy food that tastes good and wine, fruits and vegetables, livestock and poultry. It handles meat processing with special attention to the comprehensive utilization of grain and dairy processing. It also uses modern biological fermentation and has the following:
1. The Hebei production base for grain and cotton.
2. An important agriculture and sideline product processing and supply base for Beijing and Tianjin.
3. The Huiyuan Group, Yurun Group, COFCO Group, Hebei Hengshui Laobaigan Liquor Co, China National Cotton Group Corp, and the Yangyuan Co.


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