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Pillar industries of Jizhou city

Updated: 2015-9-10 14:04:09


Agricultural product processing
The city has begun construction work on two agricultural industrialization demonstration bases, one for flowers and seedlings, with the Huangda orchid as its leading product; the other, a 533,000-square-meter ecological agriculture site to be used as a sightseeing and leisure park, offering picking, catering, shopping, and farming activities.

Auto parts
This is an emerging industry but there are already more than 20 auto parts manufacturers, employing more than 1,200. There are two categories of products. One is rubber and plastic parts, such as the trim of car doors, roofs, layering, instrument panels, brake hoses, and air-conditioning tubing, mainly provided for Tianjin FAW, Changchun FAW, the Nanjing Automobile Group, Jiangling Group, Beijing Benz DaimlerChrysler, Beijing Hyundai, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Co, Liugong Machinery Co and Xuangong; the other, metallurgical machinery, for a wide range of auto parts, such as differential shells, decelerator shells, rear axle brackets, accessories, metallurgy parts and stamping parts. Its Beinei Industrial Group is a large auto parts manufacturer, founded in 1980 and specializing in automotive interiors, exterior parts, seat assemblies, and metal stamping parts. The group has an annual production capacity of 2-million units. It is also North China’s largest auto interior parts producer.

The city’s composite materials have seen rapid development in recent years, with some leading enterprises, such as the Zhongyi FRP Co, Hebei KNT FRP Co, and Ruihe Fiberglass Co. Their products include fiberglass containers, cooling towers, pipe, and air conditioning accessories for chemical, energy, building materials, transportation, and automotive accessory industries.
Iron casting for radiators

The city’s iron casting for radiators business dates back to 1972. It now has more than 200 companies employing 35,000 people in the industry. Its products include cast iron, light radiators, heating stoves, heat exchangers, pipe, castings and ancillary products. Its Chunfeng Group has been one of China’s Top 500 enterprises for seven consecutive years and holds the second place in China’s metal products market. The company is one of China’s Top 100 brands for value. It is also one of the Top 10 private enterprises in the province and gets government support as a large pillar business.

Chemical engineering
This industry is one of the three strategic industries in the city, which is home to 110 chemical engineering companies, employing about 10,000 people. Its main enterprises are Yinhai Co, Chenhong Group, Yadong Group, Yinhe Co, and Huayang Co, whose products cover fertilizer, methanol, formaldehyde, carbon, paint, insulation materials, amino acids, food additives, rubber rollers and pesticides.


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