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China Daying International New Fur Town

Updated: 2015-9-10 14:18:56


This New fur town covers a 2.67-million-square-meter area, with three parts ? a fur industry zone, comprehensive business district, and public facilities ? built at a cost of 12.8 billion yuan ($2.06 billion), as follows:

1. Fur industry park
The park covers an 8.7?million-square?meter area with floor space of 1.35 million square meters at a cost of 3.9 billion yuan. It includes an industrial park, a fur company incubator, and a fur fashion center. The industrial park provides services for large enterprises and top domestic and foreign brands to increase the international competitiveness of local fur products. The incubator is expected to create business opportunities for small-to-mid-sized enterprises, make the whole industrial cluster more effective, and improve the industrial structure. The fashion center serves as a corporate HQ and integrates R&D, design, displays, marketing, creativity activities and leisure. The park is expected to be the country's largest fur industry site.

2. Comprehensive business district:
The district covers a 1.27-million-sq-m space, with a total construction area of 2 million sq m, at a cost of 7 billion yuan, and consists of a trade center for fur clothing, raw fur materials, fur accessories, fur leather, and a futures trade center for fur and leather. The district is expected to be the nation's largest fur products distribution hub and product exhibition site. The futures trade center will involve famous international futures traders such as Denmark to expand its reach in pricing local fur and leather. It will also attract department stores, retailers, and leather bag and suitcase dealers to make full use of the district during the off-peak season to make it more competitive.

3. Public facilities
This covers a 533,333-sq-m area, with a construction site of 680,000 sq m, and at a cost of 1.9 billion yuan, for warehousing and logistics, support services, a residential area, financial center, and fur expo center. The area will provide the Daying International New Fur Town with logistics, finance and residential services and help boost the industry. It will contain a Daying Fur History Museum and Fur Exposition Center to show the history and culture of local fur products and be a place for international press conferences and exchanges and a communications site for global exposure. The project will be completed in 5 - 8 years and is expected to bring great economic and social benefits, with sales reaching 50 billion yuan and taxes of 3 billion yuan. It will also create about 100,000 jobs and promote the sustainable development of Zaoqiang county.


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