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Foreign investment project filings

Updated: 2015-10-28 15:30:28


Filing of foreign investment projects below certain quota

Relevant Policies

1. The State Council's decision on investment system reform (No 20, [2004])
2. Foreign-invested project approval and record management methods (Document No 12 decree, 2014, from the National Development and Reform Commission)
3. The catalog of government-approved investment projects
4. The foreign-invested project approval and record management methods in Hebei province (Document No 1066, 2014, from Hebei development and reform authority)

Application materials (in duplicate)

1. Instruction from the development and reform or the construction department at the county (city, zone) level. The instruction should cover preliminary conclusions and advice and be prepared in duplicate;
2. Basic information on project applicant investor(s);
3. Chinese and foreign investors' registration certificate, the latest audited financial statements, bank-issued capital credit certificate, letter of intent regarding investment and recording the board of directors' decision on capital increase and merger projects;
4. Record application form;
5. Energy-saving registration form;
6. Tender application form.
Note: Copies mentioned above should be stamped with the applicant's official seal.

Time needed

One working day


Acceptance, preliminary examination, and record filing


No charge for putting foreign investment projects on record
Special costs for bulk cement and new walling materials will be charged before applying for a construction permit. Costs for bulk cement: light steel structures: 0.25 yuan per square meter; brick-concrete structures: 0.75 yuan per square meter; frame structures: 0.90 yuan per square meter; other structures: 1.2 yuan per square meter. Costs for new walling materials: 6.5 yuan per square meter.

Certificate needed for approval

Foreign investment projects record

Matters needing attention

To be issued a project record applicants must be in full conformity with:
1, the relevant national laws and regulations and the foreign investment industry guidance catalogue;
2, requirements of medium and long-term planning of national economic and social development, industry planning and industrial structure adjustment policy;
3, the relevant public interests and national anti-monopoly regulations;
4, the national capital project and foreign debt management.

Applicants who fail to meet those conformity requirements will not be issued a project record.


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