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Hengshui gets tough on pollution

Updated: 2016-11-29 14:14:34


Police, courts, prosecutors and environmental protection departments in Hengshui city, Hebei province will join the fight against pollution, in a move to protect the environment by introducing harsher punishments and stricter law enforcement.

The special pollution control campaign will start from now and last until April 30, with an emphasis on water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution.

To tackle the issue of water pollution, Hengshui will make greater efforts to detect criminal activity in terms of individuals polluting drinking water resources and pouring wastewater into rivers.

Hengshui will also take stricter punitive measures against some businesses which have turned a blind eye to their responsibilities in the area of environmental protection in the pursuit of financial gain, especially in sectors with heavy emissions, including cement, glass, power generation, and iron and steel.

As for soil pollution, Hengshui has laid out new policies on tackling businesses that use self-built pipelines to pour waste without the approval of the government, or those who take advantage of karst caves and wells to discharge hazardous materials.

Confronting such pollution cases, the Hengshui public security bureau will put much more effort into criminal detection to decrease recurrence; the environmental protection bureau will strengthen its monitoring of emissions, with an emphasis on fake environmental monitoring data; the Hengshui’s procuratorate will supervise the implementation of administrative law enforcement and the filling of criminal cases; and the court is to hear a batch of representative pollution cases over a certain period to showcase the determination to fight pollution.


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