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Volunteers help children in poverty-stricken county

Updated: 2016-12-29 15:48:56

Children in poverty-stricken Fuping county recently received much needed aid from a group of volunteers from Hengshui city.

On Dec 5, Liu Jianxun, a staff member from Hengshui train operations depot, together with another seven volunteers, arrived at Fuping county after a 7-hour journey over rugged mountain roads.

Fujing, a remote and mountainous county located in Baoding city, Hebei province, has long suffered from poverty. Most residents currently living in the county are left behind children and empty nesters, as young people make a living as migrant workers in cities.

The volunteers took winter clothing, books, school supplies and other necessities worth 40,000 yuan ($5,815) to Fuping county, helping the children get through the cold winter.

The recipients of the donations are impoverished students from three primary schools. The donations included pencils, books, school bags, sports goods and other special gifts.

Among all the children, a girl named Geng Liying, abandoned by her parents when she was born, obtained long-term financial support from Li Jianxun. During her school years, all her tuition fees will be paid by Li to help her stay in education.

Volunteers from Hengshui city and children in Fuping county, Baoding city pose with donated school bags for a group photo.[Photo/Hebei.com.cn]

A volunteer from Hengshui city pays a visit to an elderly woman in poverty-stricken Fuping county, Baoding city. [Photo/Hebei.com.cn]


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