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Taobao programs prosper in rural areas of Hengshui’s Jizhou district

Updated: 2016-12-20 09:05:26

Trading volumes at 30 rural Taobao service stations in the Jizhou district of Hengshui, Hebei province, have reached 9,238 deals, worth 1.68 million yuan ($ 252,200). This puts the area first among the 15 counties in Hebei province.

Rural Taobao, a strategic project of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, was established to help the sale of local agricultural and industrial products through the internet and to make online shopping accessible to local residents.

Jizhou district’s Taobao service center, a building measuring roughly 3,000 square meters, mainly hosts training, meetings, and negotiations. It has become the biggest electrical business incubation center in Hengshui City.

Rural Taobao service stations combine online sale platforms with physical stores. Locals are able to advertise and sell native products such as cotton, noodles, vinegar, and duck eggs through the platform, which also promotes the sales of the physical stores.

In addition, it also benefits locals purchasing online. On the one hand, rural service stations have helped solve the issue of "last miles", which arises when some e-commerce logistic companies do not cover rural areas, residents can now take delivery of goods at these service stations. On the other hand, service stations can also offer brand-name products including Haier, Gree and Junerbao, which local residents can purchase conveniently through the internet.

Currently, Jizhou district has already established 30 village-level service stations, and it is expected to have 2000 in the following two to three years.


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