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A glimpse of Hengshui

Updated: 2017-4-24 15:41:31

A delegation of 40 photojournalists made a visit to Hengshui from April 18 to 21, recording the spring scenery and industrial development of the lake city.

Following in the footsteps of the journalists, let’s take a look at some of the city’s highlights.

Hengshui Horticultural Expo Garden

Hengshui is the host city of the Second Hebei Provincial Horticultural Expo that is scheduled to be held from July 15 to Oct 8, 2017.

Covering 254 hectares, the Hengshui expo site consists of four parts, the Hengshui Lake Wetland Park, the marathon square, the lotus flower garden and a newly built garden. Total investment for the horticultural exposition will be 2.06 billion yuan ($298.6 million). 

Currently, the expo garden and its supporting facilities are under construction, with some 2,100 construction workers working night and day to get it finished. The main parts of the garden are due to be finished by the end of May and will begin trial operations on June 20. 

An artist’s impression of Hengshui Horticultural Expo Garden. [Photo/Hengshui Daily]

Hengshui Horticultural Expo Garden under construction on April 18. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

Hengshui Lake

Hengshui Lake is a national 4A scenic spot, national water conservation scenic spot and national protection zone for wildlife; and it is the only national inland natural protection zone with a wetland ecological system. The zone covers just over 187 square kilometers and has a lake surface of 75 sq km, with 200-million cubic meters of water,a vital resource for the dry North China Plain.

The lake is also a popular place for wildlife of the northern temperate zone and is the habitat of many migratory birds, especially because of the marshy grassland and mud flats. Its biodiversity and ecology are typical of northern China. It has 383 types of plants and over 310 types of birds, including seven with top national protection status and 46 other protected types, including swans.

Wild birds in Hengshui Lake. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

Wild birds hunt for food in Hengshui Lake. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]

Wuqiang New Year’s Picture Museum

Located in Wuqiang county, Hengshui, Hebei province, an area famous for its pictures, the museum covers an area of 25,100 square meters and has over 10,000 exhibits. Some of the pictures in the collection date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties (1644-1911). The museum opened to the public in 1992 and has been renovated three times in its 25-year history.

In January, Wuqiang New Year’s Picture Museum invested 6 million yuan ($865,463) to upgrade the museum for the digital era, with new highlights on the tour delivered through sound, light, electricity and multimedia elements.

In recent years, it has been attracting around 100,000 visitors per year. Wuqiang New Year’s Picture Museum is currently serving as a platform for cultural communications between Hengshui city and other countries and regions, raising the city’s profile and promoting traditional craftsmanship.

A Hengshui craftsperson makes New Year’s pictures on April 18. [Photo/hebei.com.cn]






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